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The Abuse-Free Sport Legal Aid Program was created to help individuals navigate the Complaint Management and Sport Environment Assessment processes as seamlessly as possible, and ensure they have access to appropriate support.

In addition to the Abuse-Free Sport Legal Aid Program, we encourage you to consult the Mental Health Support Program and to stay tuned to our website for more resources and tools, as we will be continually adding new content.


The Abuse-Free Sport Legal Aid Program provides eligible individuals with free and confidential access to a lawyer from a roster of specialized legal advisors, who can provide advice at each key stage of the OSIC Complaint Management process, or the first stage of the Sport Environment Assessment process.


To be eligible to the Abuse-Free Sport Legal Aid Program, individuals must:

  • Be either
    • (i) a complainant or respondent to a Complaint admissible to the OSIC;
    • (ii) a victim/survivor of Prohibited Behaviour (as defined in the UCCMS) in a situation that would be admissible to the OSIC, regardless of whether a complaint has been filed; or
    • (iii) a potential Requester, before formulating a Request for a Sport Environment Assessment. 
  • Be, or have been at the relevant time, a participant in competitive sport with a current OSIC Program Signatory1; and
  • Have an annual income of less than $100,000 CAD.

1 This condition is waived for parties to a case that has been deemed admissible by the OSIC.

Eligibility is determined by the OSIC upon receipt of a completed Legal Aid Program Application Form.

Abuse-Free Sport Legal Aid Program Application Form

How to Apply

If you have already submitted a duly completed Complaint Form to the OSIC, you can apply to the Abuse-Free Sport Legal Aid Program by following the instructions provided by the OSIC in the letter confirming receipt of your Complaint.

Regardless of whether you have submitted a Complaint Form to the OSIC, you can always access the Program Application Form online and/or contact the Abuse-Free Sport Helpline for further information on how to apply.

What Happens Next?

If you are eligible, you will be contacted on a confidential basis by Abuse-Free Sport Support Services to select your preferred legal advisor from a provided shortlist. A first contact between you and your preferred legal advisor will then be initiated by Abuse-Free Sport Support Services.

If you are not eligible, you will be informed and guided by Abuse-Free Sport Support Services toward other available resources (for example, provincial/territorial legal aid; SDRCC pro bono list, etc.) you may wish to consider.


For more information about the Abuse-Free Sport Legal Aid program, please contact: support-soutien@osic-bcis.ca

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