OSIC Processes 

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The OSIC administers the UCCMS by way of two distinct processes:


While supporting the same overarching objective of responding to alleged issues relating to the UCCMS, there are distinctions between the Complaint Management and Sport Environment Assessment processes of the OSIC. Here is an overview of both OSIC processes:

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Overview of OSIC Processes

  Complaint Management Sport Environment Assessment
Objective Make a finding Make observations for improvement
Subject Participant(s) Organization(s)
Nature Specific Systemic
Potential Outcome Sanction(s) Recommendation(s)
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For more information about the OSIC Complaint Management process, click here.

To file a Complaint/Report regarding alleged violations of the UCCMS against individual participants of Program Signatory organizations, click here

For more information about the Sport Environment Assessments process, click here.

To complete and submit the Sport Environment Assessment Request Intake Form, click here.

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