Complaints and Reports 

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The OSIC accepts information in two primary formats, Complaints and Reports.

Although all information submitted to the OSIC is reviewed, only Complaints are guaranteed to proceed to the formal complaint management process, including a preliminary assessment.

Both Complaints and Reports can be filed with the OSIC by submitting a secure, interactive online intake form.


A Complaint is a way to provide information to the OSIC and initiate a complaint management process. This process includes a preliminary assessment by the OSIC, and may include other applicable next steps, such as an investigation.

By submitting a Complaint, you agree to act as the complainant throughout the complaint management process pursuant to the OSIC's policies and procedures.

Anonymity is not available when submitting a Complaint.


Reports allow individuals to provide information to the OSIC, but do not automatically engage the formal complaint management process.

A Report can be made with or without providing your name and contact information.

All Reports will undergo an initial review by the OSIC, which will evaluate the information provided and determine its capacity to act. If contact information is provided, the OSIC may ask for further details about the situation.

However, since Reports do not automatically engage the formal complaint management process, there is no guarantee of further action. In particular, the OSIC may not be able to follow up effectively on the information provided in an anonymous Report.