Program Signatories 

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Program Signatories are national sport organizations, multi-sport organizations and/or other sport organizations that have adopted the UCCMS and have retained the services of the SDRCC for the implementation of their safe sport framework. These services include the Abuse-Free Sport complaint management process, which involves the OSIC, the DSO, and the SDRCC Dispute Resolution Secretariat.

The signatory status of an organization with the OSIC is important to determine if the OSIC has authority to administer a Complaint since:

  • A complaint or report must be formulated against a respondent who is under the authority of a Program Signatory; and
  • Certain Program Signatories may only have authority regarding participants at the national level, whereas others may also have authority over participants involved at the provincial/territorial, club or other levels.


Current Program Signatories:

  • Canada Games Council
  • Canadian Sport for Life
  • Volleyball Canada
  • Weightlifting Canada Haltérophilie