Sport Environment Assessment 

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Sport Environment Assessments (“Assessments”) intend to address alleged systemic issues related to the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (“UCCMS”) to improve the sport environment for both current and future participants in a manner consistent with the OSIC mandate and the applicable OSIC policies & procedures.

More information regarding Sport Environment Assessments can be found here.

Process Overview

The OSIC Guidelines regarding Sport Environment Assessments sets out how Assessments may be requested, initiated and if applicable, performed under the OSIC.

Figure 1. provides an overview of the key phases of this process:

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A diagram presenting the stages of a Sport Environment Assessment.
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How to Request an Assessment

Individuals and sport organisations who wish to raise concern(s) regarding systemic issues related to the UCCMS within a particular sport environment and who, as a result, wish to request a Sport Environment Assessment to be initiated by the OSIC, may formulate a request to the OSIC by completing and submitting the following Request Intake Form.

The OSIC may also, in its discretion, initiate a Request and proceed to its initial review if it becomes aware of alleged systemic issues related to the UCCMS in designated sport environment(s).

Initial Review

During the Initial Review, the OSIC will examine Requests in 2 phases to:

  • identify any gaps in the information provided in the Request and whether next steps may need to be accelerated;
  • determine if, in its discretion, an Assessment should proceed. Examples of the considerations to be addressed by the OSIC as part of its Initial Review are included in section 5c of the OSIC Guidelines regarding Sport Environment Assessments.

Steps following the Initial Review

After the Initial Review, the OSIC will determine how to proceed. For example, if the Request is accepted, the OSIC will:

  • define the scope of the Assessment, which may be defined in consultation with the Sport Environment Assessment Advisory Committee;
  • appoint an independent assessor (and if applicable, assessment team) who will then perform the Assessment and will produce an Assessment report;
  • publish the final Assessment report on its website;
  • follow up and publish an implementation report on its website (process in development).

For more information on the applicable Assessment process, consult sections 6 & 7 of the OSIC Guidelines regarding Sport Environment Assessments.


Reports published by the OSIC as an outcome of the Assessment process will preserve the anonymity of Assessment Participants, and not identify Assessment Participants as sources of information, unless Assessment Participant(s) have provided express consent that their name(s) can be used for such purposes.

For more information on the Confidentiality of Sport Environment Assessment, consult section 8 of the OSIC Guidelines regarding Sport Environment Assessments.

Advisory Group

The Sport Environment Assessment Advisory Group is an operational advisory group of the OSIC responsible for making recommendations in connection with applicable Requests and/or Assessments, in accordance with the Sport Environment Assessment Advisory Group Terms of Reference and the OSIC Guidelines regarding Sport Environment Assessments.

Current group members are:

  • Patrick Campbell –  appointed by the Sport Integrity Commissioner
  • Jennifer Fraser – appointed by the Commissioner
  • TBD – appointed by the Athlete Advisory Committee of the SDRCC