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Interim Commissioner

André Lepage, LL.B.

The Interim Commissioner oversees all activities and personifies the interests of the OSIC under the Abuse-Free Sport program. 

Special Advisor to the Interim Commissioner

Valérie Allard, LL.B.

The Special Advisor supports the work of the Interim Commissioner in the supervision of the OSIC operations. 

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Senior Advisor, Investigations and Assessments

Sarah Atkinson

The Senior Advisor, Investigations & Assessments oversees the review, assessment and investigation of complaints received by the OSIC as well as the roster of independent investigators of the OSIC.

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Director of Case Management Operations

Kirsten Whelan

The Director of Case Management Operations is responsible for overseeing the efficient operations of the OSIC case management function as well as performing senior level analysis, review and approval of cases administered by the OSIC as well as acting as an internal subject-matter expert in relation to the UCCMS, relevant policies and procedures and support services.

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OSIC Program Specialists

Position vacant - Engagement with Community Lead

The Program Specialist - Engagement with Community Lead performs specific functions within the case management activities of the OSIC and acts as a lead in relation to the engagement with the sport community.

Ashley Csiszer - IU/SEAU Lead

The Program Specialist - IU/SEAU Lead performs specific functions within the case management activities of the OSIC and acts as a lead in relation to the Investigation Unit (IU) and Sport Environment Assessment Unit (SEAU).


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Program Coordinators

Benjamin Bernier, Ariane Lamoureux and Spencer Walker

Program Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of several aspects of the intake and management process for complaints and reports of UCCMS violations filed with the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner.


OSIC Registry and Database Administrator

Thomas Ibrahim

The OSIC  Registry and Database Administrator is responsible for the administration and maintenance of OSIC databases including the Sanctions Registry.


OSIC Program Assistant

Isabelle Fraser

The OSIC Program Assistant provides support to the Sport Integrity Commissioner in the coordination of various activities and projects related to the Office.