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What is the Abuse-Free Sport Registry?

The Abuse-Free Sport Registry is a searchable database of individuals whose eligibility to participate in sport has in some way been restricted due to provisional measures and/or sanctions imposed, for purposes of carrying out the objectives of the UCCMS and the Abuse-Free Sport program.

The Registry supports the objectives of the UCCMS and of Abuse-Free Sport, including advancing a respectful sport culture that delivers quality, inclusive, accessible, welcoming and safe sport experiences.


Does the UCCMS include a reference to such a Registry?

Yes. Section 8.1 of the UCCMS anticipates the creation of a searchable database or registry of respondents whose eligibility to participate in sport has in some way been restricted.

Separately, section 8.2 of the UCCMS addresses the possible publication of decisions regarding alleged violations of the UCCMS. The parameters regarding publication of decisions of the SDRCC Safeguarding Tribunal are addressed at Section 8 of the Canadian Sport Dispute Resolution Code.


Who maintains the Abuse-Free Sport Registry?

The OSIC maintains the Abuse-Free Sport Registry in accordance with its mandate and applicable laws.


In which circumstances could a person’s information be included on the Abuse-Free Sport Registry?

Certain information about an individual respondent may be included on the Registry when, following a complaint under the UCCMS, a sanction or a temporary or provisional measure restricting this respondent’s eligibility to participate in sport is imposed.


What kind of information can be included on the Abuse-Free Sport Registry?

In applicable circumstances, the Registry can include the following information about the relevant respondent:

(a) full name;

(b) city and province/territory of residence;

(c) Signatory organization affiliation;

(d) category of alleged violation(s) of the UCCMS (i.e., when provisional measures are imposed);

(e) nature of violation of the UCCMS pursuant to a decision under Abuse-Free Sport;

(f) sanction or provisional measures imposed and description of the imposed sport participation restriction or sanction conditions;

(g) date of issuance of sanction or provisional measures and period in effect.


What about information concerning minors and other vulnerable persons?

For minors or other vulnerable persons who may be subject to provisional measures and/or a sanction, the disclosure of their information on the Registry will be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the sensitivity of personal information and the need to carry out the objective of the UCCMS, in accordance with applicable law.

With respect to the disclosure of information on the Registry, particular consideration will also be given to foster the protection of the identity of individuals directly impacted by the UCCMS violation or other relevant third parties.


Is the information contained on the Registry currently publicly available?

At present time, the Abuse-Free Sport Registry is only accessible by designated representatives of Signatory organizations and by the OSIC, in accordance with applicable laws.


Will the Abuse-Free Sport Registry become public and if so, when?

Consistent with the intent of the UCCMS and Abuse-Free Sport, we continue to work towards our objective for relevant information contained on the Registry (e.g., name, city/province/territory, sport, UCCMS violation, measure imposed), to become publicly available in accordance with relevant policies and procedures of Abuse-Free Sport and applicable laws.

This ongoing work includes the submission of a Privacy Impact Assessment to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

Abuse-Free Sport announced its objective for the publicly available portion of the Registry to be in effect by or before the end of March 2024. More information will be provided as and when available.