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FAQ – Duration of the Complaint Management Process

We recognize that timeliness is a critical consideration for those impacted or involved in any complaint management process. Abuse-Free Sport seeks to provide Complaint Management services that are most diligent and thorough, while also as responsive and expeditious as possible.


Q: How long does the Complaint Management process last and what impacts the length of such a process?

The length of any specific process, and/or specific phase or step within the process, can vary greatly from one case to another. Different factors and variables may affect the overall length of a matter and/or particular stages, including as example only:

  • For the admissibility determination of a Complaint/Report (here): the completeness of the information provided, the volume of materials submitted, response times to follow-up and/or information requests, etc.
  • For an independent investigation: the number of parties and witnesses involved, the number of alleged issues to be examined, the number of parties/impacted persons involved, the availability of the parties/impacted persons through the process, the volume and availability of information to consider/analyze and/or obtain from multiple sources, the complexity of a matter, etc.
  • The number of matters being administered at the particular time under Abuse-Free Sport.
  • The extent to which procedural issues/matters may arise or be brought forward in the context of the complaint and/or investigation.


Q: What is the average duration of relevant steps in the Abuse-Free Sport Complaint Management process?

Abuse-Free Sport monitors the number of ongoing matters and the length of time taken for its proceedings. For available information about the average length of certain critical steps in the process, you can consult the Abuse-Free Sport Year One Report available here.


Q: When can I expect a follow-up after submitting a Complaint/Report?

Individuals who have submitted a Complaint/Report using the online intake form and have provided their contact information will receive an automatic confirmation number upon submission. Initial contact by the OSIC will be made via email within seven business days.


Q: What can I do if I want to inquire about the status of my case or wish to obtain further guidance?

Parties to a Complaint/Report are encouraged to communicate with the OSIC, using the case number provided, should they have any question or concern regarding the status of their ongoing matter.

In addition, the Abuse-Free Sport Support Services, including the Mental Health and Legal Aid programs, are each accessible by eligible individuals at any point during the Complaint Management process. You can find more information and apply to these programs here.

If you wish to speak to someone about your experience and/or regarding additional resources that may be available to you, the Abuse-Free Sport Helpline operators have expertise in counselling, psychology and sport. For more information about the Helpline, click here.


For more information about the Abuse-Free Sport Complaint Management process, click here.